Tuesday, July 26, 2011

“Is Everybody Ready? Here We Go!” – Updates

Hey purple hippies and other curious readers! I have been gone for quite some time, but I have some great updates for you! Coincidentally, I’m more than halfway past my “meet-Prince-in-one-year-goal.” So, I thought I’d reveal what I’ve been up to and assess my progress:

• My “Rolling Stone Coverage of Prince” was not accepted by AEJMC, but only because the panel felt that the research belonged in a different type of outlet (i.e. consumer magazine or pop culture academic journal). I am going to pursue publication elsewhere, and then make it available to my blog readers in the future.

• I finished my coursework for my graduate degree in journalism and I am working at Billboard magazine in NYC this summer! I have been fortunate enough to interview a lot of artists and get stories published online and in the magazine. While I haven’t done a Prince story, I’ve been able to network with people who can help me with my goals for the Prince book (I did, however, contribute a blurb on Prince and Andy Allo's cover of "Love is a Losing Game" to Billboard's article on Amy Winehouse tributes - R.I.P. Amy!!).

• I’ve completed another interview for my book! I spoke with Prince’s former press agent, Howard Bloom, for many hours here in New York. Readers of Alex Hahn’s “Possessed: the Rise and Fall of Prince” will remember that Bloom was quoted a few times. I have verified the things that he said to Hahn and found out a lot of information relevant to my topic. I will share some of that info in a later blog post, similar to the one about Gayle Chapman.

• I’ve FINALLY created an Excel sheet of the Prince affiliates whom I want to interview. I’ve contacted most of them, and I’m hoping to cross Larry Graham and Dez Dickerson off the list soon.

I’m ok with my progress thus far. It’s been difficult being in graduate school and working during this process. I’m happy that I’ve spoken with Gayle Chapman, Howard Bloom and several Rolling Stone writers so far. I would like to have more interviews under my belt, but I hope to achieve that in the next couple months.

I’m also really looking forward to connecting more with my readers and other Prince fans. I’ve enjoyed the interactive things I’ve done such as the Google Map and Twitter chat. I hope to do more.

I will be submitting a new chunk of my book to Ohio University as my Master’s Professional Project to officially get my degree. One of my requirements is to research other popular artists with spiritual journeys, such as Little Richard, Marvin Gaye and Bob Dylan. I’m actually looking forward to that. If you have any suggestions about other artists to check out, please let me know!

As for meeting Prince...he's in New York from time to time, so you never know! I feel closer!

I’m excited! I have a lot to share with you and I’m sorry for the wait. I hope you’ll stick around!