Monday, January 21, 2013

"I Like it When You Dance for Me" - Prince and the Joffrey Ballet

My blog posts during the next few weeks will probably be short and sweet as I finish the first section of the book.

Whenever my friends, families and associates hear anything about Prince, they always come to me. :) Several days ago, my co-worker told me that she'd heard that Prince had been involved in a ballet. I was familiar with Prince's professional relationship with ballet dancer Misty Copeland, but I didn't know he'd allowed the Joffrey Ballet to use his music in their "Billboards" production in the early '90s. As I write this book, I'm learning new things everyday (I don't remember reading about this in the previous Prince bios--maybe I forgot about it). Find out more here.

Would you watch "Billboards?" 

Monday, January 14, 2013

"Take a Picture, Sweetie!" - Odds and Ends From the Past Week

Because I'm in my rewriting stage, I don't have any exciting interviews to discuss. So, I thought I'd just share some Prince-related images of my activities during the past week.

Well, as most Prince fans know, the "3rd Eye Girl" drama that I mentioned last Monday continued throughout the whole week. I had a BLAST at Dr. Funkenberry and Seth Everett's spreecast last Wednesday:

We talked about the possibility of Prince creating a new website. Also, Prince is thinking about inviting fans to concerts at his Paisley Park Studios. I would definitely go if I had enough notice, and I think he should charge standard ticket prices.

I went ahead and tweeted 3rd Eye Girl and sent "her" some messages about my book. No, I haven't heard back, but I had to try, right?

For the first section of the book, I've consulted newspaper and magazine articles, interviews I've done, primary documents, and books and statistics on Minneapolis. I've also listened to music that might provide insight into Prince's life. For example:
I just listened closely to the song "Papa" from the "Come" album for the first time tonight. It really affected me--even though it's short and somewhat vague, it made me emotionally uncomfortable. I don't think I can listen to it multiple times (on a more upbeat note, my favorite song from this album is "Letitgo").

Ok, I'll admit it; I've had this poster on my wall longer than a week, but I wanted to share it. One of my best friends gave it to me. I love it!

What are your thoughts on 3rd Eye Girl, "Papa," or my awesome poster?

Monday, January 7, 2013

"3rd Eye, 3rd Eye, 3rd Eye" -- What's Ahead for 2013

What a great day for Prince fans! Less than 24 hours ago, a mysterious person, known only as "3rd Eye Girl," popped up on TwitterFacebook and YouTube:

She provided an extended version of Prince's song "Laydown" from the "20Ten" album, a rockin' rehearsal video of Prince performing "Bambi" (I'm surprised he still plays that song), a remix of "RNR Affair," which Prince released last year, and a brand new tune, "Same Page, Different Book" (I'm definitely feelin' it).

She also proved to be quite funny:

So, who is she? Well, Prince's people have to be behind her actions. Her posts are certainly backing up Prince's message that "2013 is going to be BIG." Additionally, Dr. Funkenberry, the music blogger with apparent ties to Prince, will be sharing his predictions for Prince's 2013 activities in two days.

So, what will I be doing in 2013? Well, in a perfect world, I'd finish the whole darn book, but we'll see. I know I will get a lot of writing done. I'm almost finished rewriting chapter one. Last weekend, I purchased Spin's amazing 2009 digital tribute issue to Prince. It's going to come in handy as a source:

I'm feeling encouraged! A few posts back, I mentioned that Prince may find out about me. I'm not sure if the person I talked to has caught up with him yet, but I need to try as many avenues as possible. For example, now that I know who represents him, I need to write a letter to them. 

Also, I think I'll send 3rd Eye Girl a tweet or two. You never know...

Are you excited about 2013?