Wednesday, December 29, 2010

“It’s Just Around the Corner” – Slowly Progressing

There isn’t any huge news to report this week, but I am making progress with several small tasks. I am interacting more and more with Prince fans and contacting people for interviews. I also plan to consult another book agent and discuss my work on an online radio show.

I post frequently on the and fan sites. The reactions are very interesting, and I take a lot of time to read through them and respond. Some of the opinions are very valuable; they make me think about my subject area in ways that I hadn’t explored. I am very thankful for these comments. After all, I want Prince fans to read the book.

One of my posts prompted a discussion of Prince’s possible dabbling in the occult. I’ve read a lot of material on Prince, but I’ve never come across this information. A lot of people dismiss the notion. I will look into it, and keep it in mind when I conduct interviews. If I find substantial evidence, I will definitely include it in the book. Some fans think that I will avoid topics that could potentially anger Prince.

I can’t predict what Prince will or will not like, but my goal is not to cater to him, nor to purposely upset him. I am trying to present an objective analysis of his spiritual development, and the motivation behind his change to the best of my ability. I am not arguing that his conversion to the Jehovah’s Witness faith made him better or worse as an artist. While spirituality is the book’s main theme, I am not trying to create a piece of Christian propaganda, as some fans seem to think. I hope that people will enjoy the book no matter what they believe.

Aside from commenting in Prince forums, I have been trying to contact a few more people for interviews. Facebook is proving to be a useful method, but I have been waiting a while for some people to respond. My goal for the next week is to create a spreadsheet of all potential sources and record all the times of attempted contact. With this method, I can be sure that I am trying to reach them at regular intervals until I get an answer.

I am still waiting on Dez Dickerson. I am excited to start his book, My Time With Prince, this week. I have read the Prince biographies, but I would like to start reading his band members’ books (the few that exist).

One of my professional contacts at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland put me in contact with a book agent who may provide me with tips for navigating through the publishing industry. I hope to begin talking with the agent soon. As I mentioned in an earlier post, a different contact at the Rock Hall provided feedback on my manuscript a couple years ago. Now, I am about to submit my work to the director of my graduate journalism program. I hope that I can turn my book into my master’s professional project—a requirement for the degree.

Finally, I received an invitation to talk about my book on Paisley Radio . I will keep you informed.

Stay tuned!


  1. Let me know what you think of Dez's book.. What other books exist from the band members? I'll be interested to hear your interview on Paisley Radio. Hope you'll post the time and date.

    Peace and Love2tha9s,


  2. Dear Dr. E. Thompson,

    Your thoughts on Prince were stirring the following emotions in me! Hope we can help each other out on the Prince's discourse.

    I am an independent filmmaker living in The Netherlands, but filming mostly all over the world. Last year May I was shocked by the news I was suffering from a malictant brain tumor, which had to be removed immediately cause it could otherwise effect my pivotal mental/physical functions. It was as big as a chicken egg. As a dye hard Prince fan from the late eighties I found in the night before my 12 hour surgery his music & lyrics strengtening & and fuelling as a friend helping me in need. The weeks after in which I couldn’t endure anything on my head I could carry on with his music not through my ipod but they were on my own hard disk in my head. The ol’ skool kept me company, but also his newer stuff was getting me on my feet again. ( I am well again and WORK(!,) with a drive like never before)

    Documentary is my field in which I made my mark. All my doc’s are personal quests in which the undercurrent is always what people move, their believe system, passions and dynamics. My feature doc Smile & Wave was called by Variety’s Ronnie Scheib a thought- provoking docu, which bellies pic’s tight, concise pacing and stunning clarity set in Afghanistan, which shows peacekeeping as a contradiction in terms.
    Beyond Reason, a friend on Death Row, got another raving review by Variety’s Ken Eisner, who called the doc: thoughtful, disturbing and topflight material, far from a simple tract a must see for North Americans. My last film LIVING THE DANCE, was broadcasted last year october (tv version)and the feature version will open next year 2011 in the Dutch and European theatres and shows how thirty years of passion for dance has influenced young children who dreamed about becoming a star in ballet. After all my trials and tribulations it’s about time for my own passion: Prince and how his music has influenced people around the world. Like you I am indepent and want to portray in an independent fashion.
    I’d like to invite other fellow Prince hard core fans with an interesting story to tell from other countries. Independent from Prince or Paisley Park Entertainment. European/Asian/Japanese/Indian/African (?) And in which way has Prince been an influence! Music is internationally understood, a language which is understood and triggers our senses. His eclectic styles ranging from sensual love ballads to melodic but stirring guitar solos. His lifestyle sexual liberating at first but often confusing, erratic but alway making us watching him on our toes. He hates being interviewed, cause 'everything I have to say is in my music’.
    Still I want to confront him with how fans around the world live with him. He's lately more introspective and shows up in talkshows, giving tickets maybe he will be more perseptive about participating in a challenging project like this.

    I wish you succes with finding Dez Dickerson! (Alex Hahn couldn't find him.) Hope we can stay in touch! Please spread the word I am looking for people who have a story to tell about Prince in their life! Maybe you know people who have useful suggestions for main characters to which I’m open. I know he’s giving an extra Madison Square Garden concert on January 18th, which I will attend (5th row!) I don’t know where you reside, but I ‘d love to meet you and talk about the project at hand. From January 16th I stay 7 nights in New York afterwards I am in my hometown, Amsterdam and can be contacted and travel to where ever you are! I would be thrilled to meet you (doesn’t need to be long!) for a prepatory conversation. Hoping to hearing from you soon!
    Marijke Jongbloed, filmmaker - - (not up to date due to webmaster is travelling in India)

  3. 2tha9s:

    Thanks for the comment. Denise Matthews (aka Vanity) has a book. I actually have to check on any others.

    In case you haven't seen the link to the radio show, here it is:

    I hope to embed the audio in my blog shortly.

  4. Marijke,

    Thank you so much for the comment! What a great story and an interesting project.

    I will send you an e-mail.

  5. E. I think you are doing phenomenal job with your project. You will fair very well in your goal. You will get that interview. Stay respectfully determined and you will do fine.

    Best Wishes

  6. Eternalife01,

    Thanks so much for your encouragement!