Friday, April 22, 2011

"Interactive" - Prince Twitter Chat

My book is based on my own research and interviews, but I like to hear the thoughts of Prince fans and others who will be interested in reading the final version. After all, I was motivated to write it because it seems that people are not completely clear on Prince's spiritual evolution, which has, no doubt, impacted his music.

On April 18, I decided to conduct a Twitter Chat on Prince and spirituality. I advertised on Facebook,, and my Twitter account, of course.

*Click on screen shots for better quality*

Here are the six questions (roughly two were asked each day) and some responses:

1) What are your thoughts on Prince as a spiritual artist?

2) Thoughts on Prince's decision to eliminate "Darling Nikki," etc. and profanity
from shows?

3) Anyone see the Purple Rain Tour in person? Your opinion on the "Conversations with God" segment?

4) Anyone see the One Nite Alone Tour in person? Inspirational or too preachy?

5) Thoughts on the Rainbow Children album? Inspirational? Confusing?

6) Which Prince song has inspired you the most, and why?

You can view the entire discussion on my "Twitter favorites."

Although the discussion wasn't as extensive as it could have been, it did reinforce something: the messages in Prince's songs are inspirational to others. I really believe that the story that I'm trying to tell will do the same. I think anyone's triumph over his or her own internal struggles and realization of spiritual clarity--no matter what that spiritual clarity is--can be inspirational to others. You don't have to be of a specific faith to appreciate it.

I certainly want to keep hearing from all of you! Continue tweeting #prince and #princespiritual, or feel free to leave comments below! In fact, I'd love to see more answers to the questions (no one answered #3 and #4).


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  1. Excellent questionnaire - sorry I couldn't respond quickly enough. Twitter is such a fast moving venue. No blogroll within your Purple spot? It's a great way to generate traffic. Let me know if you create and we can cross-promote the positive vibe!

    With Peace and Love2tha9s,


  2. Thanks, SeeNote! That's a good idea. I will get that going soon and let you know!