Saturday, December 31, 2011

"Beginning Endlessly"- Continuing the Journey

So, it’s December 31, 2011. I have yet to reach my goal of meeting and interviewing Prince, but I think I’ve achieved a lot. You can check out details of my progress here. To summarize, I have expanded my book through my work in graduate school at the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University. There’s a lot more to be done, but I’ve added a solid amount based on extensive research on Prince’s media coverage and my interview with Gayle Chapman (I will incorporate what I’ve learned from chatting with Howard Bloom, shortly).

I have yet to secure a book publisher, but in all honesty, I haven’t devoted much time to that. Although going to school, contributing to Billboard and working have kept me away from that task, those experiences have helped me establish credibility as a journalist—something that I hope will help me secure more Prince-related interviews.

With that said, I am revising my goal to further expand my book and to meet the legendary musician in roughly two years, or on "a purple day in December" 2012. Here are just a few of my objectives for the New Year:

  1. Redesign website—I am by no means a web design expert; I am learning with everyone else. However, I plan to make some changes to the site and attach it to my personal website with my other articles.

  2. Incorporate more interactive media. I’ve dabbled in this with the Google Map , Twitter chat and audio of my radio interview , but I’d love to take it to the next level to connect more with readers and Prince fans.

  3. Secure more interviews (obviously).

  4. Get in touch with Tavis Smiley. Prince fans will know that the artist is a good friend of the media personality. Ebony magazine secured an interview with Prince with the help of Tavis Smiley, so it’s worth a try!

  5. Turn in 160 pages of the book to my Master’s Professional Project committee at Ohio University.

  6. Devote more time to research potential agents and book

  7. Blog, Blog, Blog! That goes without saying. No more sporadic posts! It’s going to be tough because I always have so many things going on, but nothing worth having is ever easy.

See you in the New Year!


  1. Hi Erica,
    I stumbled here from I'm in the NY/NJ metro area if ever need any help on the ground in this area. I'd be happy to do whatever I can. I'm not connected or anything, just happy to help.
    Happy 2012 and good luck!

  2. Hi, Johannah! You're awesome! Thanks for taking time to read my blog and offering to help. Yes, absolutely, I'll let you know. Happy New Year! Are you on Twitter? I'm @Miss_EThompson. I'll have other contact info on the site shortly.