Monday, April 23, 2012

“Hello!” – Who’s Talking Prince on Twitter?

In my job as a social media manager of a customer management company, one of my tasks is to identify key industry influencers on Twitter. I’ve been trying to apply the same techniques that I use in my job to my research for my Prince book. It’s important for me to interact with Prince fans and experts on social media—they are sources of information and potential readers of the book. I’ve started a list of key Prince influencers on Twitter:

  1. SeeNote (@2_tha_9s): Provides a lot of exclusive Prince material
  2. Drfunkenberry (@drfunkenberry): Go-to source for Prince news and event details (including Prince’s afterparty locations)
  3. ( @princeorg): Twitter account of the most comprehensive Prince fansite. It is currently inactive.
  4. Princefams (@Princefams): Twitter account of the only other major Prince fansite.
  5. Peach&Black Podcast (@peach_and_black): Twitter account of the popular podcast based on Prince. The podcast even caught Prince's attention!
  6. Me! (@miss_ethompson): journalist sharing her progress on her Prince book and engaging in Prince-related discussions on Twitter.

I don’t think Prince is on Twitter. There seem to be a lot of imposter accounts tweeting from his perspective, and I’m hesitant to follow any of them. I wish more people were tweeting about Prince, including the manager of

What other Prince-related Twitter accounts should I be following?


  1. Check out New Power Revolution (@NewPowerRev): lots of info about happenings in the Prince world.

  2. Thanks, Claire! I will definitely check it out!