Monday, September 10, 2012

"Stand Up! Organize!" - My New Purchase & More Pics

I'm super excited! I finally bought my mini file cabinet for my Prince research:

I've been organizing the content by category (don't say anything about my handwriting):

I keep my Prince-related books, DVDs and VHS tapes (yeah, that's right) on my bookshelf. There's a Bob Dylan book in there, too, but I promise it's relevant:

Here's a closer look at some of the things I've taped on VHS...and "Graffiti Bridge":

I keep my Prince music in various places. Here is some of it:

That "Musicology" CD is from the actual tour in 2004. I've saved that ticket, and my ticket from the "Welcome 2 America" concert at Madison Square Garden, of course:

Unfortunately, I won't be attending the "Welcome 2 Chicago" tour. I promised myself that the next time I see Prince live, I will be in the front row or VIP. So, I need time to get my purple savings account right. I also need to save for my inevitable trip to Minneapolis! :)

Who is going to Welcome 2 Chicago?


  1. You copy of DMSR is in better condition than mine. The binding on my copy is frayed after reading that book over and over. Most of the bootlegs I've collected have been by referencing Prince's early discography. I always like looking at your progress on the book and I will be the first to buy my copy whenever it comes out.

    1. Hi, Raka Bash! I've noticed that the price of DMSR has gone way up on, so I'm glad I purchased my copy several years ago.

      As always, thank you so much for your support!