Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"You 'Bout to Hear Larry Graham" - New Interview (Part 2)

Last week, I shared my interview with Larry Graham, which focused on his career. As I mentioned earlier, Graham also answered some questions for my book. I had planned to share some tidbits from that part of the interview, but...I'd better not. As you know, I try to respect privacy as much as possible. Generally, we talked about spiritual advice and spiritual transformation. Sorry I couldn't be more forthcoming, but you'll be able to learn more in the book

Here's an update on my interviews so far (that I can remember without checking my files):

Interview with former pre-Revoluation band member Gayle Chapman

Interviews with Rolling Stone journalists

Interview with former press agent Howard Bloom

Interview with former Warner Bros. Director of Publicity Roberta Burrows

Interview with gossip columnist CJ

Interview with former church youth group leader Art Erickson

Brief chat with a very special person

Interview with a family member

Interview with members from the Seventh-Day Adventist church Prince attended

Interview with Larry Graham

Which person's perspective are you most looking forward to?

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