Tuesday, April 28, 2015

"Bring to Life a Vision" - Adding to the Book

Last week, I mentioned that my thesis committee reviewed the first nine chapters of my book. Yesterday, I went through their edits and suggestions and thought about what I would keep in the final version.

A lot of the professors' points were really interesting. Because I am so close to the book, there are a lot of things I didn't consider. I plan to move on to chapter ten as soon as possible, but I might go back and address these questions once I finish the book:

1) What other artists, if any, had similarly risqué album covers during the 1980s?  Would it help to point to some of these to support how Prince's album covers were over-the-top even compared to peers/other rock stars?

2) Is it typical to have so many different bands work with a solo artist over the years?

3) As you discuss the release of different albums, and often refer to Prince's changes in different decades, would it be hard to tell us what is going on in the world for historical context?  

4) Was there more openness about men having feminine sides? Or can you point to the fact that Prince was ahead of his time here, and that it wouldn't be until later that the press and others would talk about these gender issues more openly?

I'm getting back in the habit of designating certain days of the week to work on my book. I'm looking forward to doing some more revising on Thursday.

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