Monday, December 3, 2012

"It's All About Being There" - Uptown Magazine

Hey, everyone! Quick post tonight.

In my book, I will also analyze Prince's audience: How do his fans and the public respond to his music, performances and comments, especially when they include spiritual concepts? 

Today, it's easy to find out what Prince fans are thinking via Twitter (#TeamPrince), Facebook and fan sites such as and So, what were fans saying 20 years ago?

I'd like to find out by reading Uptown, an international Prince fanzine. I'm not sure when it was created, or when it was shut down, but I found an issue from 1992 here. Also, according to biographer Alex Hahn, Prince sued Uptown in 1999 for violation of "unfair competition laws," and copyright infringement. Hahn, also a lawyer, represented Uptown, which was allowed to continue publishing. 

I would love to find all of the issues and purchase them (for a reasonable price, of course). I'm counting on the fans to tell me where I can find them. I will also try to hunt down the staff, which includes Per Nilsen, who also wrote a great Prince bio.

Did you ever read Uptown? What did you think?

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