Monday, December 10, 2012

"They Love Me Too Much" - Who's Talking Prince on the Web? - Part 2

After sharing others' blogs, articles, posts and videos about Prince on the Web back in August, I've decided to make this a recurring topic. Here is a taste of what others have been saying about Prince during the past few months:

1) WBEZ Chicago Public Media contributors Richard Steele and Tony Sarabia, along with Prince biographer Jon Bream, share their favorite Prince tunes here.


 Rolling Out summarize's Prince's career in a slideshow here.



Journalist Christopher A. Daniel reflects on the "1999" album, which is 30 years old! Read the article, featured in The Burton Wire, here

4) This fan art is actually quite old, but it just popped up on my radar. Ignore the silly Photoshopped pictures and enjoy the beautiful drawings of the artist here.

Have you noticed any other articles, blogs or blurbs on Prince lately?

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