Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"Now, Turn the Page" - Book of the Week

Quick post tonight. I don't really like to reveal my sources of information, but I'll make an exception. I've purchased "The Rock Musician: 15 Years of the interviews - The best of Musician Magazine,” by Tony Scherman. There is a long, informative interview with Prince from the early ‘80s in there. As most fans know, Prince rarely gives that type of interview, so it’s a good find.


The “book of the week” should have been “Mama Never Taught Me How to Sing,” by Tyka NelsonLast week, I just knew I was going to have that book in my possession, but I was outbid on eBay. I was not willing to pay $100, which I predicted to be the other bidder’s “ceiling,” because the information in the book, while interesting, is not crucial to my book. Maybe I’ll get it another way in the future…

What is your favorite Prince interview? 


  1. My favorite interview from Prince is the July 2004 edition of Guitar Player magazine. He spoke about his guitar playing, ideas that guitarists can use to spice up their music. For example, as a bassist, he said that in order to effectively solo you gotta have rhythm, pitch and timing. He talked about music education for young people and gave props to Brian May, Joni Mitchell and the Funk Brothers. His most musical interview ever.

    1. Hi, Raka Bash! Thank you for sharing this; I didn't know about the interview. I'll have to pick that up.