Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"Think About the Future!" - Upcoming Projects from Prince's Protégés

My vacation (well, "staycation") was nice, and now it's back to work! I received feedback on the preface, prologue and first chapter of the book from the chair of my thesis committee. I have to make some changes, write chapter two, finishing reading the Little Richard biography, and resume my requests for interviews in the next few weeks. It's going to be busy!

In the meantime, I'm keeping my eye on two upcoming projects from Prince's protégés. They could be great sources for the book.

  • Sheila E.'s autobiography, "From Pain to Purpose," is due next year, according to her recent interview with Smithsonian.com.

  • A new reality show, "Diamonds," is rumored to premiere this year. It features women in the music industry, including singer Jill Jones and dancer/rapper Cat Glover. Both ladies worked with Prince in the 1980s. There is a description on Truentmagazine.com. There is also a Facebook page dedicated to the project. There is no word on a TV network for the show.


Are you looking forward to "From Pain to Purpose" and "Diamonds?"

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