Tuesday, June 4, 2013

"In this Digital Age..." - Online Activities this Week

Quick post this week. I'm just trying to focus on rewriting chapter two. However, I did take some time out to tend to a couple of online activities related to the book:

I FINALLY signed up for Dropbox! After the computer crash of 2012, I've been backing up my work on two drives, but one of my blog readers suggested that I also store my book online (privately). I finally took the advice.

Also, it's time to renew my domain for apurpledayindecember.com. I'm so glad that it's automatically renewed each year. However, I took time to write down the renewal dates for the website, along with ericawrites.com, just so I'm in the loop.

Pretty boring stuff. Back to writing...

Do you use Dropbox?

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