Friday, August 28, 2020

"A Reason to Believe" - "Graffiti Bridge" Presentation

Check out my presentation, "Graffiti Bridge: Prince’s Sacred Triumph over the Profane," from the #DM40GB30 Symposium

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  1. A true sense of self will enable you to search for something much higher and much greater. We are all searching for a bridge to walk over into a better way of thinking and living! Having a spiritual connection gives one a grounded measure of the world around us! Graffiti Bridge is an example of a journey of faith that continues forever even after our transitions to the next life! A reason to believe, that's what people today need.......A REASON TO BELIEVE! GRAFFITI BRIDGE IS RELEVANT EACH DAY IN ALL OUR LIVES.....Without a reason to do anything, you don't have the will to achieve anything! We all need a reason to believe and a reason to love! God gave us that reason in Jesus Christ! ......thanks again, Erica, for your insight always! God bless your journey!