Monday, August 20, 2012

“Don’t You Touch My Stereo!” – New Gift & Other Updates

Hey, peeps! Check out my anniversary gift!

Ever since I moved in my new apartment, I’ve been talking about getting a record player, and my boyfriend surprised me with one last Saturday! As you can see, he also gave me my first Prince vinyl record—“Around the World in a Day” (he bypassed “1999,” “Sign O’ the Times” and “Parade” in our local record store, but he still came home with a good choice).
I’ve been so excited to hear Prince’s albums on vinyl, especially after learning about the benefits on the Peach and Black Podcast’s first “Sign O’ the Times” episode (see my comments about the show here). I’ll be making a trip of my own to the record store to get that classic album.

As I mentioned some time ago, analysis of Prince’s performances is an important part of my book. My new record player will make listening to his albums even more fun!
Besides my new gift, I have some other updates for you:

  • The Jon Bream interview is not going to happen. He no longer gives interviews to other Prince writers. However, he was super nice about it. It’s fine; you win some (see my interview with Art Erickson), and you lose some.
  • I’m waiting to hear back from Mayte Garcia’s “people.” It would be awesome if she agreed to chat. Whatever the case, “Hollywood Exes” has produced some great quotes.
  • I’m starting to get better at scheduling time after work and on the weekends to work on the book. This past Saturday, I worked on the book from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (I’m approaching it like a second job). During that time, I learned a lot about Prince’s family. I’ll have more on that later.
  • My next immediate tasks will be to track down the Seventh Day Adventist church that Prince attended as a child, and give myself a lesson in Minneapolis geography.
Thanks for sticking around!

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