Wednesday, August 12, 2015

"Work 'til the Morning Comes" - Improving the Blog

I mentioned that I wanted to improve my blog in a previous post. This week, I took steps to put my plan into action.

1) I used to research search engine optimization (SEO). "Blogging Strategies for Musicians and Bands" is an extremely helpful course for all types of bloggers. One takeaway that I will implement right away: using alt and title text with my images in case they don't load for some readers.

2) I applied for a Google AdSense account, and I was approved! Now, I can monetize my blog by featuring ads on the site.

3) I started researching RSS feeds. I tried to put an Atom feed on the site, but I noticed that it is not compatible with the Chrome browser, Then, I tried Feedburner, but I'm still having issues. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

I still can't afford a new computer, but I did purchase a beautiful new printer!

An HP Officejet 4630 printer

Now, perhaps I can do some actual work on my book this week...

Do you have any advice regarding SEO, AdSense and/or RSS feeds?

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