Tuesday, August 25, 2015

"7" - Top Blog Posts

I've been blogging off and on for nearly five years. I thought it would be interesting to look back at my top seven blog posts. Hopefully, it will give me some insight into what works best for my audience.

Number Seven: "The Light of God" - Interview with Roy Bennett (371 views). This was one of my most valuable interviews for the Prince book. I shared some of the subjects that I covered with Bennett, who worked as Prince's lighting and set designer. 

Number Six"She's Always in My Hair" - Interview with Jill Jones (385 views). This was another extremely important interview. I have some Prince stories that no one has printed, thanks to Jones, who worked with and dated Prince. 

Number Five: "Do I Believe in God?" - Rolling Stone Journalists' Thoughts on Prince's Spirituality (424 views). I had the opportunity to discuss Prince with some music journalists whom I admire: Anthony DeCurtis, David Browne and Tom Moon. I summarized what I learned from those conversations.

Number Four: “Why Should You Wait Any Longer?”—Getting Back On Track (446 views). I wrote this blog to let people know what I was up to after taking a break for a few months. It's cool to see that so many people read it! I included a TON of links, so I'm sure that helped.

Number Three: “Gotta Tell the Truth Y'all” - Interview with Gayle Chapman (1,368 views). This post was about my very first interview! So many biographers have written about Prince's former band member without talking to her. I was able to get the truth straight from the source.

Number Two: "Interactive" - Prince Twitter Chat (1,912 views). This is a summary of the Prince Twitter chat that I did back in the day. How fun! I have to do another chat...

Number One: "Think About the Future!" - Upcoming Projects from Prince's Protégés" (2,071 views). I can't believe this is number one! I just wrote about a few performers who used to work with Prince. I must have done some really effective promotion for this post, but I can't remember my strategy. What a mystery!

Well, I'm inspired to top my number one post! Let's talk more about promotion next week.

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