Tuesday, February 2, 2016

"Are There Really Angels?" - The Graffiti Bridge Movie

It is taking me so long to get through my research for chapter ten of my book. I haven't even had a chance to write my analysis of the "Batman" movie and album.

In the near future, I hope to review another Prince-affiliated movie: "Graffiti Bridge," which was released in 1990. Prince wrote, directed and starred in the film. It is a really important expression of his spirituality.

Yes, that is a VHS cassette. Yes, I have a VCR. I bought this tape thirteen years ago when I was rediscovering Prince. Wow.

I used to watch "Graffiti Bridge" over and over as a kid. In fact, I knew about that movie before "Purple Rain." I'm looking forward to re-watching it for the book. Here are three of my favorite things about the film:
  1. The guest appearances: A lot of stars are in the movie, including a young Tevin Campbell. I grew up listening to his music, so seeing him takes me back to my childhood. I also love that Mavis Staples is in the movie. I think it's really cool that Prince praises older artists whom he admires, and collaborates with them.

  2. The comedy: A lot of people would characterize "Graffiti Bridge" as cheesy, but that is part of its charm. One of my favorite parts: Prince is performing "Tick, Tick, Bang," and his rivals, The Time, are purposely looking bored. I think Jimmy Jam or Terry Lewis is even playing a Game Boy. It's just so random and funny.

  3. The music: Many Prince fans say that the decline of Prince's creativity began post "Lovesexy" with albums such as the "Graffiti Bridge" soundtrack. However, I really enjoy a lot of the songs. I will discuss the album more in a future blog post. 

Do you like the Graffiti Bridge movie? What is your favorite part?

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