Friday, February 26, 2016

"Soul Psychodelicide" - The Graffiti Bridge Album

I have great news! After giving myself a much-needed pep talk, I locked myself in my house on Saturday and finally hammered out my analysis of the "Batman" movie and album. Now, all I have to do is write about the reception of the album, and Prince's 1990 "Nude" tour, and chapter 10 will be done (for the most part)!

The next step will be to add to my list of interviews. Then, as I mentioned a few weeks ago, I will analyze the "Graffiti Bridge" movie. Like the film, the soundtrack contains a lot of spiritual themes, and I'm really looking forward to exploring them.

As you know, if I absolutely had to choose my favorite track on the album, I would pick "The Question of U." However, I pretty much love everything except the songs by The Time (sorry, guys) and the title track (a little too "syrupy"). Can we take a moment to applaud Mavis Staples' performance on "Melody Cool?" By the way, I am dying to see her new documentary on HBO, which will feature an appearance by Prince. I don't have cable, so I'm having my dad record it for me. I still have to get over his house to watch the Michael Jackson "Off the Wall" doc.

Speaking of "The Gloved One," I'm going to an MJ tribute concert tonight, and I have more plans Saturday and Sunday. It looks like I'll be getting back to my book on Monday, but I'm not stressing about it! I'm happy with my progress, and I have a feeling I'll be knocking out another chunk of writing very soon!

What are your favorite tracks on Graffiti Bridge?

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