Tuesday, February 9, 2016

"I Scan My Computer" - Newspaper Reasearch

In one of my past blog posts, I mentioned that I study a select view publications as part of my research process.

Back at Ohio University, I'd printed all of the Prince articles I needed--up until about 1990. Well, now that I'm almost finished covering Prince's '80s period, it's time to head back to the library.

I seriously thought this was going to be me...

For all of the young kids out there, the above is a picture of a microfilm machine, which allows you to read documents stored on film. I was on campus only six years ago, but I had to use that machine to get my articles for the book. I'm actually proud to say I know how to use it.

Luckily, my local library gives me free access to research databases, so I can just download PDFs. However, I just found out that the library doesn't carry one of the publications beyond 1992. I need articles through the year 2004! Perhaps a librarian will direct me to another place where the micofilm machine will make a comeback!

What a riveting blog post, right? Well, writing a book is full of boring research moments. Welcome to my world...

Have you used a microfilm machine?

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