Friday, January 17, 2020

"Check the Record" - "Ultimate Prince" Archive

Nearly two years ago, I was asked to contribute to's series, "365 Prince Songs in a Year." That partnership led to an opportunity to write for, a website dedicated to the artist's life and career.

I'm keeping a running list of all my articles below.

(Some of my Prince-related work for Ultimate Prince's sister sites is included as well.)

Prince Makes 'Slow Love' with Carole R. Davis

Prince, Montalbo and Juice Get Their 'Groove On'

The Many Lives of 'Bambi'

Prince Becomes a Bass Hero on 'Shy'

Prince Ponders The Question of U

*Prince's Death Two Years Later: Our Writers Answer Five Lingering Questions 
(Ultimate Classic Rock)

*Prince's Milestone Birthdays: Charting His Life Decade By Decade (The Boombox)

Prince 'Batman' Roundtable: Our Writers Answer Five Big Questions

When Prince Gave Away '20Ten' And Went to 'Studio Rehab'

Prince Channels 'Caligula' for Status-Reclaiming 'Gett Off' Video

Seven Writers Cut Prince's 'Emancipation' Down to 45 Minutes

Beyond Prince: St. Paul Peterson on Working with Steve Miller, Peter Frampton

How Prince Helped Tevin Campbell Get Political on 'I'm Ready'

Was Prince's 'Graffiti Bridge' Movie Really That Bad?: Roundtable 

Why the Official Release of the 'Black Album' Agitated Prince

When Prince Showed Off Jazzy Side on 'One Nite Alone… Live!'

When Prince Showcased a Stable of Proteges on 'The Ryde Dyvine'

When Prince Launched the Short-Lived Website,

Prince Strips Down on 'The Truth': A Track-by-Track Guide

A Look Back at Prince’s Valentine’s Day Wedding

The Long History of Prince’s 'If I Love U 2 Nite'

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