Friday, March 20, 2020

"She Loves Me 4 Me" - Song of the Month

Each month I will share some brief, personal thoughts on one of my favorite Prince songs.

On April 17, I'll have my hands on the vinyl reissue of Prince's 2001 album, The Rainbow Children. I'm hoping the world will be in a better state, but, come what may, the music will provide the necessary joy and comfort. When I hear "She Loves Me 4 Me," I think back to the summer before I started college. I was living in a cramped room in my mother's house and I think I was working a retail job I hated, but I had a copy of The Rainbow Children on CD to lift my spirits. This is one of the most beautiful songs Prince has ever written, and I hope more people in the general public hear it so they can appreciate the breadth of his talent. I remember listening to the lyrics and feeling so happy for him. "I don't have to live up to no one's fantasy/I can write another 300 melodies, but to her it's just three, 'cause this one, she loves me for me," he sings. So many of us love Prince for his music, but it was great to think of him finding someone--or yearning for someone--who could appreciate him for who he was behind the image he worked so hard to maintain. I drank in every phrase and guitar lick. Even though he was very Christian at that point, he still slid a naughty line in there: "She got the ride that I like to ride" (listen to that sexy guitar part underneath). I loved thinking about the possibility of settling down with someone who could meet all of your needs. I remember playing this song for my mom (she probably didn't like it as much as I thought she did) and gushing about this album. It's truly the project that made me a devoted fan. Thanks, Prince.

What's your favorite song on the album? 

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  1. Hi Erica,
    Found you on YouTube. When your book is finished you've got your first sale right here! The spirituality of����Prince���� holds a deep fascination for me. I feel he absolutely was a teacher and a healer and I'm excited to learn more from your book. All the best wishes for your authorship journey. May your book live 2 see the dawn ��
    P.s. I agree with you about about ����Prince's���� healing guitar work, but I would add his vocal work and piano playing. There's a lot of great uploads from his final tour. P.s.s check out Amanda Ellis on YouTube and her healing work with ����Prince's ���� energy. I think you'll �� it! Take care and blessings to you.

  2. Oh darn my emojis turned into question marks Oh well these are uncertain times Lol