Friday, July 19, 2019

"Undisputed" - Top Six Posts of 2019

At the start of 2019, I set a goal to blog each Friday. Now that we've passed the six-month mark, I'm proud to announce I haven't missed a week! This is a major accomplishment for me; although I've been running this blog for nine years, I haven't always been consistent.

But I'm on my way to surpassing my most active period (2012-13)! Here are the most-viewed posts in 2019 ... so far.

6. "All That Glitters" - Review of "Gold Experience: Following Prince in the '90s." In-depth coverage of Prince's career in the 1990s is so limited. Jim Walsh's book is a great start.

5. "Come to the Park and Play" - Interview with Kathy Good. In my quest to write about as many women in Prince's video for "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World," I found Good, who was open to telling her story to a wider audience for the first time. She even shared her audition video!

4. "Get Yo Groove On" - Interview with Rhonda Smith. It took a while for the bassist to feel comfortable talking about Prince after his death. I appreciated her time with me.

3. "Don't U Wanna Know The Word?" - Four Spiritual Messages on 3121. In celebration of the album's reissue on purple vinyl, I examined just some of its spiritual content. It feels good to have a post featuring my own thoughts (without an interview attached) in the top three.

2. "Where'd You Get Those Glasses?" - Interview with Wally Safford. That one time Prince's dancer, bodyguard and friend called me with Jerome Benton on the line ...

1. "Beautiful, Loved and Blessed" - Interview with Ashley T├ímar Davis. I have such a special relationship with the 3121 album, and I always admired Davis' contributions, especially the spiritual content.

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